An issue was discovered on D-Link DCS-1130 and DCS-1100 devices. The binary rtspd in /sbin folder of the device handles all the rtsp connections received by the device. It seems that the binary loads at address 0x00012CF4 a flag called "Authenticate" that indicates whether a user should be authenticated or not before allowing access to the video feed. By default, the value for this flag is zero and can be set/unset using the HTTP interface and network settings tab as shown below. The device requires that a user logging to the HTTP management interface of the device to provide a valid username and password. However, the device does not enforce the same restriction by default on RTSP URL due to the checkbox unchecked by default, thereby allowing any attacker in possession of external IP address of the camera to view the live video feed. The severity of this attack is enlarged by the fact that there more than 100,000 D-Link devices out there.


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