The setSystemTime function in Foscam Cameras C1 Lite V3, and C1 V3 with firmware and earlier, FI9800P V3, FI9803P V4, FI9851P V3, and FI9853EP V2 and earlier, FI9816P V3, FI9821EP V2, FI9821P V3, FI9826P V3, and FI9831P V3 and earlier, C1, C1 V2, C1 Lite, and C1 Lite V2 and earlier, FI9800P, FI9800P V2, FI9803P V2, FI9803P V3, and FI9851P V2 and earlier, FI9815P, FI9815P V2, FI9816P, and FI9816P V2, and earlier, R2 and R4 and earlier, C2 and FI9961EP and earlier, FI9900EP, FI9900P, and FI9901EP and earlier, FI9928P and earlier, FI9803EP and FI9853EP and earlier, FI9803P and FI9851P and earlier, FI9821P V2, FI9826P V2, FI9831P V2, and FI9821EP and earlier, FI9821W V2, FI9831W, FI9826W, FI9821P, FI9831P, and FI9826P and earlier, FI9818W V2 and earlier, FI9805W, FI9804W, FI9804P, FI9805E, and FI9805P and earlier, FI9828P, and FI9828W and earlier, and FI9828P V2 and earlier allows remote authenticated users to execute arbitrary commands via a ';' in the ntpServer argument. NOTE: this issue exists because of an incomplete fix for CVE-2017-2849.


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