Dahua IP camera products using firmware versions prior to V2.400.0000.14.R.20170713 include a version of the Sonia web interface that may be vulnerable to a stack buffer overflow. Dahua IP camera products include an application known as Sonia (/usr/bin/sonia) that provides the web interface and other services for controlling the IP camera remotely. Versions of Sonia included in firmware versions prior to DH_IPC-Consumer-Zi-Themis_Eng_P_V2.408.0000.11.R.20170621 do not validate input data length for the 'password' field of the web interface. A remote, unauthenticated attacker may submit a crafted POST request to the IP camera's Sonia web interface that may lead to out-of-bounds memory operations and loss of availability or remote code execution. The issue was originally identified by the researcher in firmware version DH_IPC-HX1X2X-Themis_EngSpnFrn_N_V2.400.0000.30.R.20160803.


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