Multiple cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerabilities in Y-Cam camera models SD range YCB003, YCK003, and YCW003; S range YCB004, YCK004, YCW004; EyeBall YCEB03; Bullet VGA YCBL03 and YCBLB3; Bullet HD 720 YCBLHD5; Y-cam Classic Range YCB002, YCK002, and YCW003; and Y-cam Original Range YCB001, YCW001, running firmware 4.30 and earlier, allow remote authenticated users to inject arbitrary web script or HTML via the (1) SYSCONTACT parameter to form/identityApply, as triggered using en/identity.asp; (2) PASSWD parameter to form/accAdd, as triggered using en/account/accedit.asp; (3) NTPSERVER parameter to form/clockApply, as triggered using en/clock.asp; (4) SERVER parameter to form/smtpclientApply, as triggered using en/smtpclient.asp; (5) SERVER parameter to form/ftpApply, as triggered using en/ftp.asp; or (6) SERVER parameter to form/httpEventApply, as triggered using en/httpevent.asp.


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